95-04 Tacoma Big Brake Kit

This kit puts Tundra brakes onto 1st Gen Tacos w/ 6-lug axles...


Shaking Off the (Brake) Dust

The Toyota featured in this video is a 2001 Tacoma PreRunner SR5. The "PreRunner" name pays homage to the Baja-1000 race and the trucks used to explore the course ahead of the main event. However, (like most Tacomas) this one would be right at home with a new trim level called "CrapHauler" or "DumpRunner". This truck is miserably slow on the freeway, which is a problem for my use case. The first step in my plan to address the speed issue is upgrading the brakes. (So that we can eventually go faster, safely).

The big brake kit I installed came from LC Engineering. I had not heard of them before I ordered their kit, but I'd say that I'm a fan now. The kit uses quality parts (including several OEM ones), and I definitely recommend their brake packages to anyone who's consider doing a major upgrade to their truck (or 4Runner). On the other hand, for a build on a shoestring budget, changing pads and fluid (and, if possible, rotors) is often enough to squeeze some extra stopping power out of fewer parts.

I ordered my kit with the 3" extended brake line option just to be safe, since my truck sports a modest lift. Here a list of every part on the packing slip that was sent to me, in case anyone is interested in ordering these parts piecemeal:

Code Part Quantity
1055203 Front Big Brake Upgrade Kit Tacoma (1995-2004 w/ 6-Lug Axles)
+ 3" Extended brake lines
➥ 1055000 99-03 Tundra OEM Brake Pads (S13WE Caliper) 1
➥ 1055110 Tundra Brake Line Bracket - Left Side 1
➥ 1055111 Tundra Brake Line Bracket - Right Side 1
➥ 1055112 Tundra Brake Caliper Hard Line - Left Side 1
➥ 1055113 Tundra Brake Caliper Hard Line - Right Side 1
➥ 1055116 Brake Line - Brake Line Clip 2
➥ 1055302 Tundra Brake Caliper - Right Side (S13WE Casting) 1
➥ 1055303 Tundra Brake Caliper - Left Side (S13WE Casting) 1
➥ 1055303 Sequoia Front Cross Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotor - 6 Lug (Set of 2)
Note: These shipped seperately and arrived ~3 days later, in my case.
➥ 1055303 Stainless Brake Lines-Tacoma To Tundra Upgrade
+ 3" Extended length

Here are some pictures I took before finishing up. (Press to enlarge!)

New LC Engineering rotor (left) vs. old stock rotor (right). The new one has a visibly larger diameter, by about about 9/16" I believe.

The Tundra calipers (left) have pistons that are a few millimeters larger bore than those of the stock Tacoma calipers (right).

New calipers.

Old calipers. (And pads).

I am in love with the rugged look of these new calipers! ? Since I'd hate to have them end up all rusty like the old calipers, I basically had to paint them. 'Glad I took this photo before I gave 'em a coat of black though!