How to Install Fog-Lights on a 94-04 Toyota Tacoma

Shine bright. Shine beautiful.



The Hella company has been making lights since the 1800s. That's back when kerosene lamps were used on horse-drawn carriages. As carriages grew more horseless by the day, Hella transitioned away from making "honk-honk" ball horns and flame lamps to building the off-road and rally lights we all know and love today. They're also a close partner of some of the world's largest OEMs, and have engineered the headlights behind modern cars with LED bulbs, like the Escalade.

Hella allegedly owes its name to the wife of one of it's founders. Her name was Hellen, and she was called Hella for short. The word also acts as a pun in German, as the word for "brighter" is "heller." (It is for this reason that, in Germany, the light beer is called "Hell").